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October 19, 2024 at 7pm

On March 8th, 1994 Willow Park Wines & Spirits opened its doors as the largest private liquor retailer in Canada. Our 30,000 square foot retail operation, located in Willow Park Village in Southeast Calgary, was purchased from the Alberta Liquor Control Board in 1994 during the privatization of the liquor industry.

From our customers

Undoubtedly the place to go for top notch spirits. Their trusted experts - Michael B, Darryl and Linda know their stuff and are great founts of information. Do let them introduce you to some amazing gins and whiskies.

Barb S-C.

Quite possibly the highest selection, with incredible quality, that I have ever seen. They carried everything liquor-related I could think of and more. Not to mention friendly, authentic, and highly knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend a visit.

Eric L.

My favourite wine and spirits store. Excellent selection. Staff are always friendly and willing to help identify the right product for you. Nice that they’ve kept the Cellar Club deals going despite the increases in prices with inflation. Cheers!

Jordan S.

WPWS was one of the first boutique vendors with a massive selection and curation from specialists who know their stuff. There are plenty of these types of stores in Calgary now, but this place still remains unique with it's tastings, cellar and walls of select spirits.

Mathew Y.

Willow Park Wines & Spirits is truly an experience! Masters of "Specialty" across the board! Whether you are searching for a rare vintage wine, or picking up your teams favorite beer, here is your new go-to location, for all that is alcohol. Easy to navigate displays, helping you find your target purchase! Come experience the best!

Mikey J.W.

The best liquor store in Calgary. Employees are very knowledgeable and can educate you virtually about any aspect regarding their products. Frequent events and tastings make every visit a great experience. Selection is huge and of the best quality. There are a lot of rare liquors and international liquors from virtually all regions of the world.

Jury R.

Great selection of a larger number of items, knowledgeable staff who are very friendly, cheerful and quick to help. The selection of barware is second to none. Worth the drive. Top shelf service!

Jennifer F.

The staff are second to none, there is always an expert close at hand who will help you make an informed choice no matter what you are looking for and service is always with a smile. Other reviewers have mentioned you pay a little more here, but it is worth every penny for the investment in expertise and the wide selection of premium wine, beers, spirits and events. I encourage anyone who has not been here to give it a try, truly a landmark business on the Calgary landscape.

Dave A.

It was a very hot day and I didn't want to leave my dog in the car. I went to tie her up in the shade outside the store. A staff member saw me and said my dog was welcome to come in the store.
I asked where I could find the non-alcoholic drinks and another team member cheerfully guided me there, explained what was there and even recommended some that I could try.
I left the store feeling terrific. What an awesome shopping experience! We'll certainly be back!

Barb K.