Bordeaux Futures

Bordeaux Futures, or Bordeaux en Primeur, is a method of purchasing wine from a specific vintage before it is bottled and released into the market. Each year in early spring, thousands of international wine critics and major buyers descend on the Médoc for an intensive week of barrel tastings of new vintage. Once the reviews are in, wineries decide what portion of their stock they will sell as futures, and to whom. Buying en primeur allows collectors of all levels to buy wines at a lower price than when the wine is released en masse. In addition, some wines are produced in such small quantities they often sell out as Futures. 

Buying into Bordeaux Futures is a great way to explore one of the most iconic wine regions in the world. Futures offer excellent value and are a way for wine enthusiasts of all levels to fully understand the evolution of wines from early barrel samples, to when the wine is bottled, and for years to come. Having participated in purchasing Bordeaux en Primeur for more than twenty years, our team of Trusted Experts is fully qualified to answer your questions and help you in enjoying this exceptional region to the fullest.

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Current Offer 2021

Willow Park Wines & Spirits is pleased to announce the 2021 vintage is now available for pre-purchase through our Bordeaux Futures program. Futures prices are often lower than retail prices, and because some wines are produced in such small quantities, they frequently sell out as futures. No minimum bottle order is required and all wines will arrive in the fall of 2024.