Cellar Club - FAQ

Is there a cost to join Cellar Club?

Cellar Club is a FREE loyalty program to join.

Do I need to show my card with every purchase?

You are always welcome to present your card when you are checking out instore, but our cashiers can pull up your account by using your phone number or name.

When making purchase online, you must use the email provided when signing up for your Cellar Club account. If you do not currently have an email linked to your account, please email ecomwhse@willowpark.net

How do I earn Cellar Club Points?

The only way to earn points is by shopping with us! Every dollar spent results in 10 Cellar Club points in your account. To gain points from any online order, please order with the email address attached to your account. 

What value do Cellar Points have?

When your account reaches 4000 points, the points will automatically convert into a $5 credit on your account, redeemable whenever you want in-store! 

What is Cellar Club pricing, and how will I know what these products are?

Cellar Club members have exclusive access to Cellar Club pricing on over 100 products both in store and online, ensuring that you enjoy fantastic savings on the brands you love. When shopping in store, look for the Cellar Club marker on the shelf tag to easily identify the products included in your everyday savings. Online, Cellar Club prices will be indicated on the Cellar Club offers page. 

How do I access my Cellar Club points balance?

Cellar Club Members can access their Cellar Club points balance by emailing ecomwhse@willowpark.net or visiting us in store.

Can I redeem my points for cash?

Your Cellar Club points have no cash value and can only be used for purchases at a Willow Park Wines & Spirits store location. 

If I return a product, what will happen to Cellar Club Point balance?

If you need to return an item or cancel an event ticket, the corresponding amount of Cellar Points that were accrued at the time of purchase will be deducted from your account.

Do my Cellar Club points expire?

Your Cellar Club points never expire, allowing you to accumulate as many points as possible. However, your Cellar Club account will deactivate after 13 months of inactivity.

I signed up online, will I still receive a Cellar Club Card?

As we become increasingly digital, new Cellar Club members will have to indicate that they want a physical card when they sign up for the Cellar Club program.

Can I share my Cellar Club account with someone?

As each Cellar Club account is registered under one primary member, those who want to share accounts must be living at the same address as the primary Cellar Club member. The primary Cellar Club member must be present to redeem Cellar Club credits. 

How do I transfer my Cellar Club points to someone else?

If the intended recipient of your Cellar Club points is a Cellar Club member, then please reach out to ecomwhse@willowpark.net. She will be in touch to confirm the transfer.

If the recipient is not yet a Cellar Club member, then they will need to enroll before we can transfer any points.

How will I find out about new offers and promotions as a Cellar Club member?

Keep an eye on your inbox! Cellar Club members will receive special offers sent directly to the email that is associated with their Cellar Club account.

I am not receiving emails for the Cellar Club offers. What can I do?

If you are having trouble finding our Cellar Club emails, please check your spam or junk email folders, and ensure that we are on your approved sender list. You may also email ecomwhse@willowpark.net to ensure we have the correct email on file.

I need to change my email address, phone number or name on my Cellar Club Account. How do I do that?

Please reach out to ecomwhse@willowpark.net with the information you would like changed or updated. Please include the current name, phone number and email currently attached to your account with your request. 

Terms & Conditions 

Cellar Club Points calculations are based upon dollars spent at checkout less any dollars spent on sales tax, provincial fees, shipping charges, delivery charges, rebates applied at the time of purchase, the dollar amount of any promotional Gift Card offer with purchase, other excluded charges, or any portion of a purchase paid with a Willow Park Wines & Spirits Gift Card. Points are not awarded for commercial or corporate accounts at Willow Park Wines & Spirits. Other exclusions may apply.

Cellar Club Points will accumulate to become credits for future in-store purchases. Cellar Club credits are not valid on prior purchases, certain products and/or services, online purchases, or towards outstanding balancing on any Willow Park Wines & Spirits accounts. Cellar Club Points are not redeemable for cash and no change will be given when Cellar Club Points are redeemed.