What's Trending in the Whisky World

Whisky has been around for more than 500 years, but the beloved liquor is still evolving. Check out these key trends to watch in 2022. Which has you most excited?

Focus on Cask Strength

Cask strength whisky — a term used in the whisky world to describe liquor bottled at full-strength post barrel aging instead of being diluted — is rising in popularity. But don't let the idea of a higher ABV offering intimidate you. While a cast-strength whisky can be fiery thanks to the additional ethanol by volume, it also packs a wallop in terms of depth, intricacy, aroma, and overall flavor. It may be an acquired taste, but the taste is well worth acquiring.

Expect Unique Cask Finishes

"Cask finishing" gives whisky an opportunity to complete the aging process in a barrel, gaining some of the flavor innate to that wood, and in some cases, whatever that wood previously housed. Glenmorangie's delicious limited-edition Cake by in-house creator Dr. Bill Lumsden is finished in wine casks previously dedicated to aging Tokaji, a honey-tinged Hungarian dessert wine.

At Glenlivet, the unique cask of choice comes from the Caribbean, with Tomatin Rum casks imparting sweet, tropical notes and a lusciously smooth finish to the legendary Speyside scotch.

Pricing: Buy in Bulk Now to Save

Items that trend naturally cost more — a clear-cut case of supply and demand. So rather than waiting for whisky prices to drop, expect them to keep climbing up. Your best bet is to buy the bottles you love in triplicate (or more) now, so you can enjoy them at your leisure without worrying about what's in stock or how much your favorite whisky is going to cost you once you go to check out.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In August 2021, Dewar's introduced a new line of sustainable boxes that use metal to create a more stylish package that's also easier to recycle. Other options for sustainable packaging include paper bottles, lowering the weight of glass bottles to lessen each brand's carbon footprint, and even evaluating the type of ink used in printing. Expect to see various combinations of these approaches and others in 2022 and beyond.

Virtual Tastings

While the pandemic continues to make it difficult to attend in-person tastings, virtual tastings are taking off. Check out our events calendar to see when the Trusted Experts will be hosting a webinar or going live on Instagram or Facebook.

Whisky Made by Women

Benriach, Johnnie Walker, Arbikie, GlenDronach — just a few of the whisky brands boasting women in high-profile positions. What was once a "man's drink" is decidedly universal now, and while there aer only a few female master blenders currently working, expect plenty more on the way.

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