What to Drink While Watching Your Favourite Rom Com

What goes together better than Tom Hank and Meg Ryan? Movie night with your favourite romantic comedy is the perfect time to test out other pairings, like some delicious chocolate and an alcoholic beverage chosen to bring out the best in your sweets.

Whether you're in the mood for wine, beer, or a cocktail, the expert suggestions below are so good you may just fall in love.


Sauternes are an iconic dessert wine made from white grapes grown in the French region of Bordeaux. These wines are a sophisticated take on sweet after-dinner drinks, often boasting a complex swirl of flavours like butterscotch, caramel, ginger, tropical fruit, honeysuckle, apricots, and toasted baking spices that only gets better with age.

Sauternes are typically paired with cheese or a fruit-based dessert like a plum tart, but they're also fantastic sipped alongside a simple square (or two) of dark chocolate.


There are two main types of port. Tawny ports are aged, giving them a deep, earthy hue and lots of nutty, caramel flavours to match. Ruby port has a rich colour and isn't aged as long as tawny port, allowing more for the wine's innate fruity, chocolate, and spice characteristics to shine through.

Both parts pair beautifully with chocolate, but ruby port is better served by chocolates with a fruit component (think chocolate mousse with a berry coulis or a raspberry-chocolate truffle) while tawny port begs for chocolate studded with nuts or nougat.

Stout Beer

Stouts are designed to be deep, rich, and complex, with brewmasters coaxing out everything from a hint of coffee to dessert-ready flavours like vanilla, chocolate, coconut, and even licorice. Specialty pours like a peanut butter stout will pair well with similarly flavoured chocolate (seriously, try a PB stout with a peanut butter cup and wait for the fireworks!) while classic stouts are delicious with everything from chocolate cake to brownies to a Valentine's Day chocolates.

Meletti Cioccolato

While straight liquors like bourbon, anejo tequila, and aged rum all play well with dark, white, and milk chocolate respectively, pairing a mixed drink with a chocolate dessert can be a bit trickier because of all the additional components in play. Sometimes, your best bet is to just have a drink with chocolate already in it — hence the Meletti Cioccalato that's brimming with flavours of rich chocolate syrup, smooth cream and a decedent sense indulgence.

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