5 Beers to Enjoy in the Sun

Summer is here, time to drink some beer! With extreme rays of sunshine upon us, you’ll need a cold one to get you through the heat. A few things to understand is the best beer is enjoyed when it suits the weather, who you’re with, and what you’re eating. Hit the pool, relax at the lake, or sit back in your lawn chair, and enjoy this advice on what will fit the bill (and your pint glass) this summer. 

1. Stiegl Radler Himbeere Raspberry

If you have had the privilege of visiting Salzburg, Austria you would soon learn that it’s Stiegl town all the way. Stiegl meaning "steps" in old German, is famously known for their Pilsner and Lager. Me and a few companions toured Salzburg in 2006 and fell in love with the beers that were (self) served with the quintessential European breakfast of cheese, meats, fruits, and many diverse breads. This beer is a simple blend of sparkling fruit soda and lager. While it took 15 years to get to Alberta, it's here now, and it ain't going anywhere!

2. Cabin Brewing Luminosity Pilsner

Cabin Brewing has its four-year reign being one of Alberta's favourite craft breweries. Its flashy retro-style yet simple packaging, and accompanying great liquid inside, there’s no question I’ll be cracking their cans this summer (or all year, if I’m being honest). For Cabin Brewing’s whole existence, they have only had three flagship brews. The Luminosity German Pilsner brings crisp back just like JT brought sexy back. This Pilsner is a refreshing brew that goes great with Thai take out or the late evening convenience store run. Crisp, Cabin, Crushable all summer, baby!

3. Rosée D'hibiscus Wheat Ale

From the Gods of the Sky (Dieu Du Ciel) comes the beer that brings the rosé sipping wine quaffer into the beer world. Rosée D'Hibiscus Wheat Ale is a crisp and dry ale that infuses hibiscus flowers into not only the colour but to the floral notes that make it my go to feel-good brew of the summer. Pairs well with patios, parks, and good times, oh yeah….

4. Eighty-Eight Brewing Duotang Dry-hopped Sour

Have you ever been sitting around sipping on lemonade after a much-needed visit to the garden you started last summer? Well, Eighty-Eight Brewing Co. from Portland Road, Calgary made this sweet little trip down memory lane a fun one. Using a blend of hops and a basic kettle sour (all souring done in kettle using lactobacillus and/or pediococcus), they have somehow captured a refreshing blend of nostalgia, grapefruit, mango, and citrus all in one can. All I can say is, try it. 

5. Blindman Super Session Ale

Can’t choose between your favourite beers? You’re not alone! A few years ago, Lacombe's Blindman Brewing hit the radar with their New England Pale Ale that soon started outselling its predecessor, the River Session Ale. How to solve this predicament? Make a 3.5% abv. brew that tastes like these two beers had a magic love child! The only problem is, Alberta folks like 5% abv beer. To combat this, they made a 568ml can that solved all their problems. If only life was that easy all the time….

Pop in-store, say hey, and get one (or all) of these beers for yourself this summer!