Cheers to 29 Years!

As Willow Park Wines & Spirits celebrates 29 years in business, our mission remains the same. Our Trusted Experts are committed to providing you with an exceptional selection of products, a dedication to support our local community and a high level of education and customer service. Thank you for continuing to establish us as one of the top wine, beer and spirits stores in Calgary and beyond! 


We offer quality customer service and stay true to our Trusted Experts image.


We are dedicated to supporting the community and have raised millions of dollars for local charities and organizations.


We offer a variety of events to Taste, Learn and Enjoy with you.


Visit us online and in-store for special offers and competitive pricing on your favourite products.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why did Willow Park Wines & Spirits decide to sell?
The sale is part of Willow Park Wines & Spirits’ succession plan after 29 years of growing and operating this locally-owned business. 


What happens to the Cellar Club program?  
Willow Park Wines & Spirits has its own loyalty program, the Cellar Club which will remain in place for its customers. Calgary Co-op members will not be able to use their membership at Willow Park Wines & Spirits and likewise, Cellar Club members will not be able to use their membership at Calgary Co-op locations.  


What is the timeline for how things will take place and change? 
The sale was effective as of January 31, 2023. The plan is to operate the Willow Park Wines & Spirits business independent of Calgary Co-op operations but avail of synergies between the two companies. Calgary Co-op’s focus will be on learning and listening from team members on both teams about how to build the future together.

From our customers

WPWS was one of the first boutique vendors with a massive selection and curation from specialists who know their stuff. There are plenty of these types of stores in Calgary now, but this place still remains unique with it's tastings, cellar and walls of select spirits.

Mathew Y.

Can't beat this liquor vendor. Absolutely the BEST in the city in terms of quality, selection and pricing. Other stores simply cannot compete with Willow Park.

My thing is German beer, and once again, the selection is phenomenal and the price and availability just can't be beat.

For all of these reasons I return often and deal with Dave The Beer Expert.

Doug S.

Willow Park Wines & Spirits is truly an experience! Masters of "Specialty" across the board! Whether you are searching for a rare vintage wine, or picking up your teams favorite beer, here is your new go-to location, for all that is alcohol. Easy to navigate displays, helping you find your target purchase! Come experience the best!

Mikey J.W.

The best liquor store in Calgary. Employees are very knowledgeable and can educate you virtually about any aspect regarding their products. Frequent events and tastings make every visit a great experience. Selection is huge and of the best quality. There are a lot of rare liquors and international liquors from virtually all regions of the world.

Jury R.

Great selection of a larger number of items, knowledgeable staff who are very friendly, cheerful and quick to help. The selection of barware is second to none. Worth the drive. Top shelf service!

Jennifer F.

The staff are second to none, there is always an expert close at hand who will help you make an informed choice no matter what you are looking for and service is always with a smile. Other reviewers have mentioned you pay a little more here, but it is worth every penny for the investment in expertise and the wide selection of premium wine, beers, spirits and events. I encourage anyone who has not been here to give it a try, truly a landmark business on the Calgary landscape.

Dave A.

It was a very hot day and I didn't want to leave my dog in the car. I went to tie her up in the shade outside the store. A staff member saw me and said my dog was welcome to come in the store.
I asked where I could find the non-alcoholic drinks and another team member cheerfully guided me there, explained what was there and even recommended some that I could try.
I left the store feeling terrific. What an awesome shopping experience! We'll certainly be back!

Barb K.