A Look Back

When Wayne Henuset first purchased Willow Park Liquor Store, he viewed it as a temporary investment. Instead of selling off the property in two years as planned, Wayne fell in love with both the people and the lifestyle connected to running a wine and spirits business.

Today, that passion and commitment to excellence has helped propel Willow Park to become Canada's largest private liquor retailer and created a community that thrives on shared enjoyment of education, innovation, and really good wine.

Our People

The Willow Park team is and has always been the face and heart of our business. From our leadership team to the wine experts responsible for curating our collections and education consumers to the shoppers themselves, every member of the Willow Park family plays an integral role in our continued success.

As for our treasured customers, it's always been our goal to make everyone feel like a superstar. Whether you attend a tasting, sign up for our subscription club, or attend a special event like the store's annual charity wine auction, you're treated like a true VIP.

Special Events & Tastings

Speaking of the annual charity wine auction, Willow Park thrives on special events that bring together in-house experts and customers who are eager to learn and experience new wines. Over the years, we've wecomed countless people as they joined in on a once-in-a-lifetime trip abroad, learned how to ace a blind tasting, or dug into a specific wine region's culture and grapes sip by sip.

These events drive home our belief that wine, beer, and spirits are part of living, ever-evolving traditions that have so much to offer — yesterday, today, and for decades to come.

Where We're Heading

Moving forward, we remain committed to putting education at the forefront of our business. Our charitable giving program is also stronger than ever. Nearly a quarter-century of community involvement has resulted in millions of dollars donated to local organizations via The Vintage Fund.

To keep up with all that's yet to come and take advantage of the knowledge offered by our team of trusted wine experts, consider signing up for one of our Willow Park Wine & Spirits' Wine Clubs. Choose from our Classic Wine Club and get a trio of classic wines delivered monthly or the Master Wine Club for three premium wines delivered on the same monthly schedule.

For more information on Willow Park Wine & Spirits, read up on our company or head straight to our shop and bring home your next favorite wine, beer, or spirit today.