5 Things You Should Know About the Wines of Argentina

In anticipation of Malbec World Day on April 17, Willow Park Wines & Spirits is celebrating the wine, winemakers, and unique terroir of Argentina.

Read on for tons of fascinating information about this legendary region as well as details on how to save big on select Malbecs online and in-store during Willow Park's upcoming sales!

The Masters of Malbec

Malbec is the reigning grape of Malbec, and there are several producers known for their ability to bring out the best in this naturally distinctive and beautifully diverse varietal.

  • Bodega Luigi Bosca: Beautiful Malbecs that epitomize the region of Mendoza
  • Amalaya: Elegant and spicy wines with tons of black fruit highlighting the power of Malbec from northern Argentina
  • Zorzal Wines: High-altitude Malbecs from the unique region of Gualtallary in the northern Uco Valley
  • Bodegas Salentein: A pioneering force in the Uco Valley led by the father of Argentinean wine, José Galante
  • Bodega Norton: A popular and revered Malbec producer holding court in Mendoza for 125 years
  • Finca Decero: Meticulously crafted vegan-certified wines known for their quality and balance
  • Alamos: Stellar example of classic, fruit-forward Argentinean Malbec

Other Great Grapes of Argentina

In addition to Malbec, wineries in Argentina produce delicious examples of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. They also have their own native grape called Torrontés, a white variety known for being aromatic and fresh with the aroma and flavours of white peach, lychee, mango, lemon zest, honeysuckle, rose petals, with hints of minerality and salinity.

What Makes Argentina's Growing Conditions Unique?

Argentina holds massive appeal for winemakers because the land comes with limited exposure to the pests and diseases that so often wreak havoc on vines and grapes. The only potentially devastating factor is hail, but local experts have developed a method of Kevlar-based nets draped over vines, essentially make crops hail (and bullet) proof.

The Future of Innovation in Argentina

As strong as Argentinean wines already are, winemakers and oenologists are still exploring ways to innovate how they plant, harvest, and vinify.

One project in the works is a more expansive study of altitude. Agricultural engineers Martín Kaiser Doña Paul and Marcelo Belmonte of Peñaflor are looking into how factors such as solar radiation at higher altitudes and changing fruit-leaf rations play into growing wine at level as high as 3000 meters above sea level.

Elsewhere, researchers are establishing geographic indications for wine regions based on shifts in terroir rather than political borders. There's also growing interest in new water technologies that could help with more efficient irrigation and increased sustainability.

Pairing Suggestions for Argentinean Wine

Malbec is a dry, full-bodied red wine full of rich dark fruit and flavours like dark chocolate, oak, tobacco, and vanilla often associated with Cabernet Sauvignon. But Malbec is far less tannin than Cab — combine that with moderate levels of acidity and you have a very food friendly varietal.

Pair your Malbec with lean meats like a 90/10 burger, sirloin or skirt steak, lamb, ground pork, or even turkey. Malbec is also love with cheese — even stinky varieties like blue cheese and swiss — and it's an ideal complement to earthy vegetables, herbs, and spices like mushrooms, potatoes, sage, rosemary, and anything heavy on the black pepper.

Mark your calendars, Malbec fans! Willow Park Wines & Spirits is putting 17 popular products on sale in honour of Malbec World Day. Select bottles representing the biggest Malbec masters will be on sale from April 4 to May 1. There's also a two-day flash sale starting April 17.

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