5 Marvelous Things to Know About Malbec

Tomorrow is International Malbec Day! We’ll be celebrating this full-bodied red all weekend with our virtual Malbec Marathon tastings, alongside some of our favourite Argentinian Malbec producers.

If you’re pouring yourself a glass (or two) of Malbec this weekend, why not supplement your sips with some knowledge! Here are some fun facts about Malbec to keep your drinking educational.

1. Malbec originated in France, but Argentina produces the most!

Malbec’s roots can be traced back to Cahors, a commune in Southern France, with evidence of it being produced well before the Middle Ages. The grape was brought to Argentina in 1868 by Michel Pouget, an agronomist that was hired to improve and expand the Argentinian wine industry. Over the last 150 years, Malbec has flourished in the Argentinian climate and is now the most widely produced wine in the entire country.

2. But those are not the only two countries that grow Malbec!

France and Argentina are undoubtedly the most prominent Malbec producers, but they aren’t the only ones! The grape is also grown in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, and the USA.

3. Argentina’s elevation and climate play a pivotal role in Malbec’s growth

Argentina is hosts the ideal environment for Malbec to thrive, tanks to its high elevation, bountiful sun exposure, scarce rain, and sandy clay soils. Malbec vines root deeply, soaking up the minerals and nutrients required to demonstrate the incomparable terroir.

4. Argentinian and French Malbecs do not taste the same

With distinctly different terroirs, you can expect distinctly different flavour profiles between French and Argentinian Malbecs!

Typically, a French Malbec demonstrates savoury and tart flavours, such as leather, currant, and black plum. They tend to have higher acidity and firmer tannins than their Argentinian counterpart. Conversely, Argentinian Malbecs are considered more fruit forward, with deep flavours like blackberry, dark cherry, and blackberry as well as milk chocolate and cocoa powder. Don't believe us? You'll have to try them both for yourself!

5. Malbec has many nicknames

One ampelographic researcher has determined that there are over 1000 different names for Malbec! Among them are Auxerrois, Côt, Grifforin, Périgord, Pied Rouge, and Quercy.

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