Irish Whiskey & Beer 101

2019-03-14 Irish Whiskey & Beer 101
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7:00 PM to 8:30 PM     Thurs, Mar 14, 2019 
Venue: Willow Park Wines & Spirits Main Store
Contact: 403-296-1640, Rachel McKenzie, 

Here’s a night all about the Irish! This week, we’ll delve into Irish whiskies and beers to discover what makes them so special and even a bit magical! You’ll learn what makes Irish whiskies different from Scottish ones, and why they use an “e” in “whiskey.” For beers, you’ll learn that there are many styles to explore! You’ll leave with a much greater appreciation for the skilled brewmasters and distillers that are proud to make Irish drinks to raise a glass to. Slàinte!


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