Clos Fourtet '15

Clos Fourtet '15
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The wines of Clos Fourtet, Premier Grand Cru Classe, embody the finest of Saint-Emilion. Smooth, intriguing and seductive, their pure natural aromas are delicately woven together in a charming display of the unparalleled potential of our terroir. Our wines mark the culmination of all of our efforts, unveiling themselves as time passes- alive, developing and maturing. 

85% Merlot; 10% Cabernet Sauvignon; 5% Cabernet Franc 

Wine Profile

tasting notes

The wine has a dark, deep, purple and garnet color. The powerful nose expresses notes of black and red fruits, which are discreetly mingled with blond tobacco and peppermint. The fleshy mouth starts with roundness, creaminess. Then we have a dense structure and coated with tannins walls that bring lightness and length. This particularly harmonious ensemble finishes with rich notes, among which we find vanilla, cherry, raspberry, licorice and spices.

vineyard notes

Clos Fourtet leaves nature to express itself, striving to keep its purity intact. We harvest carefully by hand, bringing in the grapes in small baskets so as to preserve their integrity. Then, we carry out the minimum, softest extraction necessary to reveal our terroir’s identity. Every year the ageing of the wine is different: we adapt the amount of new oak barrels that we use to reflect the structural potential of each vintage. Throughout this lengthy process, we limit handling of the wine and protect the fruit from oxidation. 

The scarcity and low yields of Clos Fourtet reflect a wholehearted pledge to release only wines that meet our unwavering expectations. We ruthlessly snip away bunch after bunch of green grapes before they begin to ripen, reducing the quantity to leave the remaining grapes more concentrated with sugar and tannins. Only our most precious berries will complete the journey from garden to bottle, as they pass below the unforgiving gaze of those who select them.