Berry's Own Auchentoshan '92

Berry's Own Auchentoshan '92
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Auchentoshan is the only single malt Scotch every drop distills three times, for softness, purity and subtlety. Therefore Auchentoshan has a pleasant light and accessible character. Auchentoshan is one of the two constantly producing Lowland malt distilleries. The distillery since 1823 based near Glasgow, at the foot of the Old Kilpatrick Hills; hence the name Auchentoshan, Gaelic for "corner of the field."

Auchentoshan is unique triple distillation "to apply for the production of single malt scotch. By using casks of different woods which earlier bourbon, sherry, port or wine have matured Auchentoshan malts get their subtle flavor nuances. 

Auchentoshan is acclaimed. Recent accolades from his 2012 'Best Lowland' for Auchentoshan 1999 Wine Matured at the World Whiskies Awards and "Double Gold" for Auchentoshan Three Wood at the San Francisco World Spirits