Pio Cesare Grignolino

Pio Cesare Grignolino
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The Grignolino is a delicate and fine red wine, which takes its name from the vine of the same name and which, in turn, owes its origin to the meaning of the grignola , or the characteristic of containing in its berries , many more seeds than the other grape varieties; a wine of ancient origins that, due to the fact of having this marked tannicity , due to the great presence of grape seeds , was given to the sick, as it is considered an antiseptic medicine. The Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese of Pio Cesare is vinified entirely in steel and for this reason, it is appreciated for its refined bouquet and drink ability. 

A little curiosity for lovers of this product: every year, the Piedmont Region and in collaboration with Slow Food, organizes a sort of eno-gastronomic tour called Di Grignolino in Grignolino which, starting from Casale Monferrato, gives the opportunity to visit twenty wineries producers where, in addition to tasting the wines, you can also taste the typical products of the local cuisine.

A ruby ​​red color that tends to garnet with great clarity, it releases captivating aromas of rose and small red fruits, thyme and spices to the nose. Initially rough at tasting for the strong acidity, then denotes balance thanks to the tannins, dense but not excessive and delicate flavor.

Food Pairings: tortellini in broth and mixed boiled meats, roasted meat and aged cheeses.