Trusted Expert of Spirits


With an extensive background in the bar and restaurant industry, Will joined our team from Vermont in 2015 bringing with him a passion for great cocktails and spirits of all sorts along with a special place on his palate for all types of whiskies.  Will enjoys the variety of challenges Willow Park Wines & Spirits and the industry brings to him on a daily basis, whether it be finding the perfect ingredient for a customer, researching an old bottle that someone found in their basement, putting together special orders or leading a scotch tasting. “I had the privilege to travel to Lexington, Kentucky with Dave Michiels to visit bourbon distilleries and I event helped select a barrel from Woodford Reserve for Willow Park Wines & Spirits. Not only was it my birthday, but I got to experience something I’ve dreamed about for years. Not a bad day at the office.” 

Will’s advice for his clients? “Try EVERYTHING once. Don’t push something away because you read somewhere that it wasn’t “good”. Don’t listen to anybody except your own taste buds. Also, if you’re into nice scotches and bourbons I highly suggest grabbing a pair of Glencairn glasses. They will absolutely elevate your whiskey tasting experience.” It is not a surprise that the Charity Auction Week Whisky in the Warehouse Festival is his favorite event.  It’s a great chance for him and our customers to connect with other industry professionals while being able to do what we all love to do- try new things.

An avid skier and music fan, Will’s sense of humor and free spirit along with his managerial experience has made him into a fantastic customer service representative and a perfect fit on our Trusted Expert team.