Trusted Expert of Wines


Stephen is a newer addition to our Wine Room department here at Willow Park Wines & Spirits. Although he has a thorough understanding of the wine world, we like to challenge our experts to keep them on their toes. 'Everyday I continue to realize just how much I do not know, and that's incredibly exciting!'. Stephen's travels have led to him to a number of vineyards which has only strengthened his passion for learning more about wine and the impact it has on the world. 

Over the years, Stephen has been able to try some incredible wine pairings and has shared his most memorable. One of his most treasured memories takes place at Plaza de la Pasiegas in Granada, Spain while eating tapas and sipping on some nice red wine. His all time favourite pairing he's had the chance to try was a 2013 Morgon "Les Charmes" Eponym with a contemporary Taiwanese dinner. 

When he's not studying up on his wine knowledge, Stephen enjoys cooking, completing crosswords and rock climbing. Taking a break from wine tastings, you can find him grabbing a Whisky Sour during happy hour.