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Erin Rosar
March 3, 2015 | Cocktails, Tasty Recipes | Erin Rosar

Incredible Infusions - Coffee and Vanilla Infused Bourbon

You can infuse more than just vodka! 

Coffee & Vanilla Infused Bourbon


  • 3 cups Bourbon
  • 1 cup coffee beans
  • 2 vanilla beans


  1. Place coffee and vanilla beans into mason jar.
  2. Pour bourbon over top, ensuring the beans are fully covered.
  3. Place lid on and shake
  4. Place in cool location and let sit for 2-6 days until flavour desired is reached.
  5. Strain and place in clean jar or bottle.
  6. Enjoy over ice or poured into a great cup of coffee for a cocktail with a real kick!

Coffee Bourbon Latte


  • 1.5 oz Coffee Vanilla Bourbon
  • 2 oz. Cream


  1. Shake over ice vigorously until cream is well mixed.
  2. Pour into glass and enjoy.


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