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Erin Rosar
July 3, 2014 | Beer | Erin Rosar

About Kegs


​Now that it's summer, we've had a lot of people asking us if we carry kegs, and if so, how can you get one?

Here's the low-down on kegs.

What kind of beer do we have in kegs?

We have a wide variety of import and domestic kegs, but we don't keep them in stock in store - you should always call ahead and order one! We can usually get kegs from our warehouse to the store in two business days - so, if you're looking to get a keg for your next camping trip or summer party, just let us know a couple of days in advance by calling us (403.296.1640) or sending us an email - that way, you can make sure you get the beer you want!

How much will the keg cost?

On top of the cost of the keg itself (which will vary depending on keg size and type of beer), there are a couple of additional costs:

  1. If you are purchasing a domestic keg, you will need to pay a deposit for your keg (this is not included in the keg price)! The deposit is usually around $30. (Import kegs do not require a deposit).
  2. We only have pumps for domestic kegs - to buy a pump from us for your domestic keg, the cost will be $71.42

But I wanted an import keg. Where can I get a pump?

If you decide to go with an import keg, you can rent pumps from BBS systems, or from Ever Clear Draught Specialist Craig Sorett (call 403.998.9381). 

How big are the kegs?

We have kegs in 3 different sizes - 59 Liter kegs (start at $173.99, most popular kegs range from $277.99 - $354.99), 30 Liter kegs (start at $143.99), and 18.5 Liter kegs (start at $99.49).

Great. How many pints is that?

Depending on how you pump your keg, a 59L will get you roughly 180 Pints, a 30L about 90 Pints, and an 18.5L  somewhere between 50-70 Pints.  You should always keep a couple of clean pitchers or jugs on hand to catch foam!

Wait. What do you mean, 'depending on how you pump your keg'?

Here's how to tap and pump a domestic keg.

  1. Pull the cap off the keg - once the cap is removed, you will see two teeth.
  2. Take your pump and, lining up the gaps on the pump with the teeth on the keg, push down and twist until you get a good grip (it doesn't have to be super tight).
  3. Pull the tap lever out and down.
  4. Pump the tap 3 times, then test the flow. If the flow is good, awesome! If not, pump 3 more times and test again. Keep repeating this step until you're happy with the flow. DO NOT OVER PUMP.

Instead of filling cups individually, you could just get pitchers and have someone fill them up, that way you will maximize the amount of beer from the keg AND it ensures no one is messing around with the pump!

Ok. How do I safely transport the keg?

First, keep in mind that kegs are heavy, especially if you're getting a big one! You might want to bring a friend or two along to help you get the keg in to (and out of) your vehicle.

Kegs should be transported upright, and you will want to strap them down so they're not rolling around or shaking too much.

If your keg went through a lot of shaking to get to your destination, you should wait anywhere between 2-6 hours to tap it - otherwise it might be too foamy!  But it's ok, this will give you a chance to get your keg nice and cold.

I do want to keep my keg cold - what should I do?

The biggest kegs we have are 16" in diameter, so you'll want a bucket that is slightly larger than that to put ice (and your keg) in to.  You only need to keep the bottom half of the keg cold, so the bucket doesn't need to be super tall. The quickest way to chill a keg is to line the garbage can or bucket with a black garbage bag, fill with half ice, and half water with a bit of salt. You should also pick a spot for your keg that is out of direct sunlight, if you're keeping the keg outside.

Alright, the party is over. How do I get my deposit back?

When you return your keg and pump to the store, you can get your deposits back - you must have your original bill to get your deposit back.  The best way to ensure this is to take a picture of your bill (the bottom half specifically) then the number at the bottom of your bill is saved and we can look it up for you if something happens to your original receipt. Please note - you have to empty at least 3/4 of the beer out of the keg to get your deposit back - it's a safety issue for us. So please don't bring back a full keg, we can't take it!

Please call or email us to order a keg for your next event. We hope this post helped, and please enjoy responsibly!


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