Bordeaux Futures

Our 2016 Bordeaux Offer

We are proud to offer our 20th vintage in our Bordeaux Futures program this year. Many would suggest that the 2016 shares some of the characteristics of the 1996 and 2006 vintages, perhaps even the 1986!

There is something unique about the vintages ending in 6, hiding in the shadow of the vintages ending in 5. For four decades, the wine world has been blessed with two back to back, outstanding vintages in the middle of the decade. This is true more so than ever in 2016. 

Many wine experts suggest you cannot find a bad bottle of 2016 Bordeaux and I would agree with them. But I also found the same to be true of the 2015 vintage. Which will be the "best" in the long term? You will have to buy both to be sure, and it will take many years of enjoying those bottles to make your final decision. A challenge I am up for and I hope you will be too! We are already planning our first comparative tasting of these two vintages in Fall 2019! But don't wait until then for an exceptional tasting experience.


Cheers - Peggy Perry, VP Sales & Marketing

No Minimum Order required. Product arrival is expected Fall of 2019

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