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Top Wedding Gifts from Willow Park Wines & Spirits

Jul 22, 2022

A happy couple not including details of their invitation's wedding gift list is your perfect opportunity to come up with a gift idea that's unexpected for them and fun. The best attribute about going "off-list" is that it allows for more innovation and finds something personal to the married couple, making them happy once they open the gift. Please take a look at some of our top wedding gift ideas.

1. Spirit Smoke Kit

Brief Description

If the happy couple enjoys taking in restaurant cocktails, this Spirit Smoke Kit is the perfect surprise gift for them. With the Cocktail Smoking Kit, the couple easily creates exclusive restaurant-quality cocktails in the comfort of their new home. So, why not throw that fancy cocktail party, invite the newly-wedded couple, and gift them this amazing $219.99 Spirit Smoke Kit?

Key Features and Benefits

  • SWS signature wood bricks, including hickory, oak, cherry, maple, and walnut.
  • A single organic Quebec maple syrup.
  • A single wood mini muddler that is handcrafted.
  • Double aromatic cocktail bitters that are also handcrafted.
  • One copper teardrop barspoon.
  • Dehydrated oranges.
  • Two round ice molds.
  • Smoked cocktail recipe booklet.
  • Cocktail torch.
  • Four signature coasters.

2. Ice Bucket

Brief Description

Besides socializing and having fun, parties are ideal for networking, opening our minds to the latest trends, new ideas, and motivations. Why not surprise your favorite just-wedded couple with one or two ice bucket pieces? They're also perfect ice storage devices for parties.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The ice bucket is sleek and stainless for durability.
  • The bucket is also super-insulated to keep ice and beverages cold for up to 48 hours.
  • You just need to slip in your favorite wine bottle.
  • The bucket features the signature flat sides design, triple-walled insulation, and a non-slip bottom.
  • Undoubtedly, this ice bucket is the ergonomic and savvy solution for all your just-wedded couple's ice woes.
  • The ice bucket costs $169.99.

3. Riedel Face-to-face Decanter

Brief Description

Whether young, old, red, white or sparkling, enhancing decanting wine has never been quicker and simpler than by using the Riedel face-to-face decanter. However, extra caution is necessary when using this decanter because its indented design feature is not for use as a handle. When presenting this product as your unique gift during the wedding, it's best if the couple knew that inserting hands or any other items into the indented part is wrong.

Key Features and Benefits

  • This soaring face-to-face decanter integrates two concave profiles that face each other in the vessel's interior.
  • The 11th generation RIEDELs, Maximilian and Laetizia, have them as their profiles.
  • The innovative element of the decanter doubles as paddles and a bold design.
  • The Riedel face-to-face decanter has a long, graceful neck that makes it perfect for refreshing young wines.
  • The decanter attains the oxygen's maximum effect on young tannins by shaking the wine until a foam cap develops.
  • Additionally, a black tuxedo stripe extending gracefully from top to bottom dresses up the face-to-face decanter.
  • It is designed for a single bottle of wine.
  • The pack comes containing one piece of the decanter.
  • Since this product is handmade, the recommendation is to practice hand-washing only.