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  • DIY Pumpkin Spice Bourbon Whiskey

    DIY Pumpkin Spice Bourbon Whiskey
    Ingredients: 1 (750ml) bottle of bourbon whiskey 1 tbsp pumpkin spice sugar pumpkin Instructions: De-seed your pumpkin and cut it into slices. Lay them in a prepared baking sheet (single layer), and roast them at 330 F for 45-69 minutes. Pour the whiskey into a mason jar or another air-tight container. I used a 1.5 L mason jar, so I would have plenty...
  • DIY Bottle Opener

    Purchase a 1x6x6 from Home Depot or your local hardware store. Cut 3 pieces at 4″, one piece at 6″ and one piece at 21″.  A simple hand saw will work great if you don’t have a saw! Next, attach the 4″ pieces like this with wood glue and finishing nails. Using wood glue and finishing nails, attach the 6″ piece to the...
  • Watermelon Keg

    Watermelon Keg
    A simple and fun way to turn a regular watermelon into a boozy keg to enjoy with your friends and family on May Long or any sunny day!


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