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Ali Madsen
December 1, 2017 | DIY Crafts | Ali Madsen

Wine Cork Christmas Tree Craft

Wine Cork Christmas Tree Craft

Here is a great way to recycle corks you have laying around your house.

26 wine corks (makes two trees)
hot glue gun
mod podge
one empty toilet paper roll

Step 1:  The first thing you want to do to make these wine cork Christmas Trees is wet the tip of the cork with a little dab of mod podge and then dip them in your glitter of choice. Allow these to dry for a few hours.

Step 2: Once your glitter is dry, place your wine corks together and start making your trees.  I stacked them up like this:

3 corks for the bottom row (hot glue together)
4 corks for the next row (hot glue together)
3 corks (hot glue together)
2 corks (hot glue together)
1 cork (hot glue together)

Step 3: Take the toilet paper roll and cut off about a 2-inch-high piece.  Take your hot glue and wrap your twine around the roll until it is completely covered. Using your hot glue, attach the twine covered roll to the base of your tree.

Step 4: Once you have attached the roll and corks, decorate with ribbon and paper to top it off, or to keep things simple like I did, add a little button to the top.

These are such cute little Christmas trees, and such a fun and easy project to make.

Recipe adapted from www.pinkwhen.com


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