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Ali Madsen
October 24, 2017 | DIY Crafts | Ali Madsen

Super Simple Jungle Costume

Easy DIY Jungle Themed Costume

Here is a simple and easy costume for anyone to make! 

Tan Dress or Long brown coloured t-shirt
12x18” Sheets of Stiff Green Felt or poster paper
Palm Leaf Template 
Chip Can
Hot Glue Gun
Stretchy Headband

Cut a chip can in half. You’ll use the bottom half for this hat.
Wrap the can in felt, and use hot glue to adhere.
Cut out 7-8 leaves using the template.
Hot glue the ends of 4-5 of the leaves around the base of the can. Then, glue the additional leaves just above the first row, in any empty spaces that appear.
Trim the top of the can if it is taller than the two rows of leaves. You can cut out a circle of felt to cover the top of the can, if you’d like.
Hot glue a headband to the base of the can.

Recipe adapted - studiodiy.com





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