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Ali Madsen
December 12, 2017 | DIY Crafts, Tasty Recipes | Ali Madsen

Peppermint Candy Shot Glass

Peppermint Candy Shot Glass

A fun and easy way to jazz up your shot glasses with some holiday cheer!

silicon shot glass mold.
1 shot glass = 13 peppermint candies.


Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Unwrap the candies (yes, someone actually asked this last time) and place the first five along the bottom of the shot glass cavity. Put the next five on top of the others (I like to alternate them to minimize the spaces). Place 3 on top of the shot glass cavity.
Place in the oven for approximately 18 minutes. I would periodically tap down on them with a metal spoon to try to settle the candy to the bottom of the mold and push away any bubbles. I did this about every 5 minutes or so.
Take out of the oven when the candy is completely melted. Inspect around the sides and bottom of the mold and look for any holes. If you see any, push down on the candy with your spoon and return to the oven for a few more minutes.
Let cool completely
Push the glasses out of the mold.
(optional) Melt some chocolate and dip in sprinkles
Some shot glasses my have tiny holes where the candy didn’t melt enough so if that happens can cover the inside of those with melted chocolate to “seal” up any holes.
Fill the shot glasses up  with your favourite liqueur!

Recipe Adapted from princesspinkygirl.com


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