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Erin Rosar
July 18, 2017 | Cocktails, Wine | Erin Rosar

Frosé - Frozen Rosé

Summer's Must Have Treat

​The perfect summer grownup treat. **Remember to put the wine in the freezer the night before you want to serve it.

·         1 750ml bottle rosé, choose one that is dark in color

·         1/2 cup sugar – to taste. Use less for a drier style

·         Large handful raspberries/strawberries

·         The juice of 1 small lemon

·         Berries or flowers for garnish

The night before you want to enjoy, pour the bottle of rosé into a large (13x9) baking dish and place it in the freezer. We find a glass dish works best. The wine won’t freeze completely over night because of the alcohol in it, but it will turn into a very delicious, thick, boozy slush. It will also loose some of it's colour as it freezes so choose a brightly coloured rose when shopping.

Pour sugar into a small saucepan and add half a cup of water. (You’re making a simple syrup so recipe is equal parts water to sugar. Adjust to suit your tastes) Heat, stirring constantly, until the sugar completely dissolves. Crush the berries up with your hands and add them to the sugar/water mixture. Remove from heat. Let it all sit for a couple of minutes. This will help pull out some colour and flavour. Pour into heat resistent dish and place fridge or freezer to cool it down faster. Strain the liquid so that all of the berry chunks and pieces have been removed.

Remove the frozen pan of rosé from freezer and scrape it into a blender. Add the berry simple syrup, squeeze fresh lemon juice into mix, and add a good handful of crushed ice. Pulse in blender until smooth, pour into pretty glasses and enjoy immediately.

Serve with a long spoon or straw and garnish with fresh berries or flowers. Enjoy!



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