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Erin Rosar
May 23, 2014 | Cocktails, Tasty Recipes | Erin Rosar

Fresh Herb Cocktails

​In case you missed our event last night (or, if you need a quick re-cap!), let's talk cocktails.  Fresh herbs are an excellent way to put a personal spin on traditional cocktails.  You can play with everything from mint to rosemary when making cocktails, and knowing how to properly muddle fresh herbs can make all the difference between serving a drink that people say is great, and one that has them saying 'WOW!'.

How to muddle fresh herbs:

  1. When buying herbs, look for bright leaves with no bruising or tears.
  2. If cutting fresh herbs, try to cut in the morning when the plants are cooler and the aromatics are fresher.
  3. Place herbs in a dry cup/glass/shaker free of ice.
  4. Use the muddler tool to push down on the herbs, turn half a turn on each depression.
    • Six half-turns should work for most cocktails.
    • The goal is to release fresh flavours, not to bruise the herbs.
    • Be careful! If the leaves are too harshly handled, they may release bitter oils along with the fresh flavours.
  5. Follow your regular cocktail recipe!


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