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Ali Madsen
November 16, 2017 | DIY Crafts | Ali Madsen

Chalkboard Wine Glasses


A simple application of some chalkboard paint plus a little creativity and you’ve got yourself some custom wine glasses that are perfect for your next gathering.

(4) Wine Glasses 
Chalkboard Paint 
Painters Tape 
Chalk or Chalk Pen 

1. Wash and thoroughly dry the wine glasses.
2. Pour the chalkboard paint into a plastic container, this will allow for you to easily dip the base of the wine glass and obtain a full coverage.

3. Apply a small amount of painters tape to the stem of the wine glass. Place it wherever you’d like the chalkboard paint to stop. This will also give you a clean line. If you’d like yours to be a bit more imperfect, then forgo the tape. 

4. Before you apply the paint, set up a drying station. This can be as easy as lining a cookie sheet with parchment paper. It just needs to be able to contain the excess paint and prevent any spills. 

5. Simply dip the base of the wine glass into the paint until you’ve reached the painters tape. Remove and allow excess paint to drip back into the container.

6. Place on your arranged drying station and let dry completely, approximately 24 hours. 

*Note — turn your glasses over after approximately 12-15 hours to ensure that the bottom has ample time to dry as well. 

Then it is as easy as writing cute sayings or the name of your guest for a wine party with the chalk or chalk pen.

*Note — rub the side of the chalk all over the paint to apply a base, then wipe away. This enables you to write and erase your chalk / chalk pen message each time, otherwise it may remain permanent if you choose not to do this step.

Recipe adapted - www.cambriawines.com


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