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Erin Rosar
October 2, 2017 | Charity Wine Auction, Events | Erin Rosar

24th Charity Wine Auction 2017 Charities

We're proud that our charitable focus this year is the fight against Cancer.

This year we have choosen six very special charities as recipients for our 24th Charity Wine Auction. Below you'll find a brief description on each of them and the important work they all do in the fight against cancer. We welcome you to click through the links provided to read more about how each of them is helping to win the war against cancer.

Alberta Children’s Hospital - Childhood Cancer Research

For every five kids who are diagnosed with cancer, one will not survive.

Three will experience serious side effects from their treatment.  And all five will suffer, as will their families. That’s why our cancer team is working so hard to find new, less toxic therapies that are more effective and less damaging in the long-term.

With your support, we can find ways to give kids the best possible quality of life both during and after their cancer treatment.

For more information visit: www.childrenshospital.ab.ca

Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Every day, 43 Albertans hear the words "you have cancer". The Alberta Cancer Foundation aims to make a difference today, for every Albertan that is affected by these three words. Like our donors, we are impatient. We are pushing forward for faster results that will improve the lives of 43 Albertans today and for every coming day until we achieve our vision of a cancer-free Alberta.

This vision is bold. To realize it, we have to do things differently. We take a strategic approach to investing donor dollars, toward initiatives and programs that will lead to; research and programs that have a clear impact for patients, earlier detection, and improved treatments and an enhanced quality of life.

Unlike any other philanthropic organization in Alberta, we only invest in ideas that will deliver results to cancer patients. As one of 17 cancer centres directly supported by the Alberta Cancer Foundation, the Tom Baker Cancer Centre has been redefining the future of cancer in Alberta since its inception in 1981.

Learn more about the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre .

Prostate Cancer Centre

Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC) is a non-profit, world-class medical centre with a mandate to help improve the quality of men’s lives and their family's lives for those living with prostate cancer. Annually there are over 18,000 patient visits by these men and their families to access multiple programs and services at our Centre. In addition, over 5,000 men a year visit our Man Van program throughout Southern Alberta. The Centre pursues its mission by reaching out to individuals, corporations, and others to channel resources – both financial and human – to fight this deadly disease.

Learn more about how your gifts can make a difference at the Prostate Cancer Centre.

C-Nets (Carcinoid-NeuroEndocrine Tumor Society Canada)

CNETS Canada provides support and education for Canadians on all aspects of NeuroEndocrine Tumours (NETs). CNETS is widely recognized by patients and the medical community across Canada as an organization that improves the quality of life and survival for NET patients in three ways; by raising awareness of the disease and the latest available diagnostics and treatments; making sure that patients, caregivers, health care professionals and others have the information they need in the areas of medical and scientific research, treatment and support; and by supporting patients and helping them navigate the best care options.

Learn more about CNETS Canada.

Wellspring Calgary

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. It brings countless life-altering moments and events for the people who receive the diagnosis, and for those who love them. People with cancer are compelled to find a ‘new normal,’ before, during and after treatment. Priorities shift, relationships change, life is… different.

While Calgarians have excellent medical resources to fight cancer, those living with cancer and their loved ones often find they need more – emotional, informational, and practical support. This is the critical gap Wellspring Calgary uniquely fills. We offer a comprehensive range of evidence-informed programs, resources and support for our members (anyone living with any type of cancer, and their significant caregivers) at any point on their cancer journey. Our services are all offered free of charge and no referral is required. We can provide onsite child minding and we have a stream of programs specifically for young adults (18-39) living with cancer.

In 2016 alone, 4,223 members had access to 26,710 hours of program delivery. Supporting this, 192 volunteers donated 10,875 hours of their time and talent. Wellspring receives no core government or United Way funding.

Funds raised through the Willow Park Wines & Spirits 24th Charity Wine Auction will be able to support a full year of one of the support programs offered by Wellspring.

Your gift helps someone to live well today, with cancer and beyond. Thank you! Read more 

Jamie's Preschool

The isolation that results from a critical illness such as cancer can be especially tough on a child.

Jamie’s Preschool is a safer haven for play and learning for kids with cancer and fragile immune systems. Without Jamie’s, our young students have little opportunity for education or socialization outside of the home and hospital. Even a common cold or flu can be serious for an immune-compromised child; chickenpox can prove fatal.

At Jamie’s, strict health guidelines and communicable disease control, restricted enrolment and a state-of-the-art facility allow these kids to continue to interact, reducing the risk of learning or social deficits that may result from isolation. We also welcome young siblings of sick children, to minimize their exposure to illness or infection that could harm their sibling. Sheltered field trips and holiday parties allow families to continue to enjoy normal community activities free of the risks of public outings, as well as an opportunity to build a network of peer support.

Thank you for supporting Jamie’s Preschool at this year’s Charity Wine Auction! Your generosity helps ensure kids can be kids regardless of their medical circumstances. Learn more about Jamie’s Preschool


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