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Travel Hints and Tips

Travel Hints and TipsReady, Set, Go!

Heading out on a trip this fall? We asked our Trusted Expert’s what their must-have travel item was that they never leave home without. Below you’ll find a fun list of a mix of different items that you just might want to consider bringing on your next adventure.

A Good Book:

 This can be on your kindle or in print but with travel comes wait times, at airports, train stations and other places along the way so a good book can help you pass the time reading something you enjoy.

Extra power adapter, USB Cord and Ear Phones:

Since our cell phones have become the keeper of all information don’t leave home without at least two, power adapters, USB cords and pair of ear bud headphones. Keep one set in your carry on luggage and one in your checked and then you’ll always know where you can find extra cords. Nothing is more frustrating then watching the battery life on your phone die and not be able to plug it in when you need it.

Bathing Suit:

Never leave home without one. You never know when the perfect pool or hot tub might come along and sitting with your feet in or searching to find a store that sells one is not always easy. Our team suggests you keep in your carry-on then if your luggage arrives after you do you can still have a relaxing dip in the pool or hot tub when you arrive.

Language Phrase Book/App

Never leave home without a language phrase book or app on your phone if you’re not confident with the native tongue of where you are visiting. While many people around the world speak English, many do not, and having a way to communicate when you want to, is so important.

Phone Plan:

Don’t forget to change your phone plan so that you don’t come home to a crazy bill filled phone, texts and data charges.

Pen and Paper:

You’ll never know when you need to write something down but be sure to keep a pen in your carry-on and your suitcase for when you need one. It will make filling out your entry information on the plane so much easier when you don’t have to search for your pen.  Paper is also handy when people give you great recommendations for places to visit and see and with a pen and paper handy you’ll never miss a tip.


Make sure you pack this is in your checked luggage so you don’t loose it at the airport but a corkscrew that you know works well and save you from having to use the ones at the hotel that are sometimes less then ideal.


Not all countries have Kleenex in hotels and so packing a small pack with you in both your carry-on and packed luggage can ensure that your not on the hunt for soft tissues when you need one.

Tide Pen and Laundry Soap Packets:

A tide pen can be your trips best friend as we have not yet found a grape stain that it can’t remove so in case you have a spill you’ll be able to treat it right away. Individual laundry packets of liquid soap can also make packing easier as a quick wash in the sink at the hotel a way to make bringing less go farther.

Ziploc Bags

Never leave home without a few extra of these handy bags in a few different sizes. They are fantastic for wet or dirty clothes, packing items that you don’t want to spill into, and for papers that you want to keep safe during travel. 


After traveling sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is going out to find something eat so keep a few granola bars and  dried fruit mixes in your bag can sometimes be a handy and quick snack that allows to not be hungry and get some much needed rest.

Passport and boarding pass

Always, always double check your bag before leaving the house for the airport that you have your passport and flight information with you. You don’t want to start off your great adventure with a panicked search at the airport.